Luxembourg SOPARFI
(Société de Participations Financières)

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Luxembourg: Private Asset Management and Holding & Finance Company
Luxembourg SOPARFI Holding & Finance Company
A Luxembourg SOPARFI is a Non-Regulated trading company
A Soparfi is a fully taxable ordinary commercial company
Its corporate purpose is limited to the
Holding of Participations and related activities
A Soparfi has full treaty access and
Benefits from all EU directives
The key benefits of a Soparfi are
The participation exemption on Dividends
Capital Gains and Wealth Tax
Luxembourg SOPARFI (Société de Participations Financiéres)
The Concept

SOPARFI (SOciété de PARticipations FInanciéres) is the most common vehicle dedicated to holding and financing activities in Luxembourg. The company may also carry out other activities, provided they are provided for in the bylaws and a business license is obtained if required. Any undertaking or private person can be eligible as an investor.

A SOPARFI is a fully taxable unregulated company, not subject to any supervisory authority. It does not require authorisation unless quoted and/or commercial activities are carried out.

Legal Form

The SOPARFI can be constituted either as a “société anonyme” (public limited company- SA), a “société à responsabilité limitée” (private limited company- SARL) or a “société en commandite par action” (limited partnership by shares).


The activity is limited to the acquisition, holding, management and the realisation of investments in financial instruments in the broadest sense. This includes derivatives such as, for example, shares, investments; Funds; futures; bonds; options; precious metals as well as bank accounts.

Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a very attractive jurisdiction for holding companies and many major multinational groups have indeed located a holding vehicle in Luxembourg (the commonly called Société de Participations Financières or SOPARFI). The competitive participation exemption regime (100 percent exemption) on dividends received and capital gains on shares is one of the main reasons why Luxembourg is so popular as a host country for holding companies

In order for a Luxembourg company to be entitled to the participation exemption for dividends received and for capital gains realized on shares, two sets of requirements must be met:

- The first set of requirements concerns the shareholding in the subsidiary, i.e. the participation held by the Luxembourg parent must be important (i.e. it may not be a portfolio investment). The Luxembourg holding company must own either a participation of 10 percent in the share capital of the subsidiary or, alternatively, a participation with an acquisition value of at least €1.2 million (this threshold is however higher for the capital gains exemption, i.e. € 6 million). This qualifying participation must be held for a period of one year.

- The second set of requirements pertains to a (relatively complex) subject-to-tax test imposed on the subsidiary. Under the Luxembourg participation exemption regime, a subsidiary will be deemed to pass this test if it is either:
(i) a qualifying Luxembourg resident entity fully subject to Luxembourg income tax or

(ii) an EU entity covered by article 2 of the Parent-Subsidiary Directive or

(iii) a capital company that is subject in its country of residence to an income tax which is “comparable” to the Luxembourg corporate income tax (i.e. a tax rate of at least 10.5 percent and a comparable tax base).

Luxembourg Holding (SOPARFI)
Benefits of a holding company

Received dividends and capital gains on disposal of shareholding are exempt from taxation under certain conditions; Limited or no withholding tax on dividends paid to a company resident of a country that has a double tax treaty with Luxembourg, under certain conditions;
No withholding tax on dividends paid between the Luxembourg company and other EU resident companies, under certain conditions;
No withholding tax on the liquidation process of a holding company;
Possibility of offsetting financial charges such as capital losses on disposal of shareholdings, acquisition of shareholdings in respect of taxable activities and, under certain conditions, foreign tax credits against profits made from other activities subject of taxation;
Flexible thin capitalization rules and possibility of VAT registration;
No requirements on paying any subscription tax.
However, a holding company is still subject of the compulsory tax on companies in Luxembourg in the amount of 3,500 euros.

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