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Licensing and Practice Areas
Cryptocurrency Exchange


Estonia is being considered as one of the mildest IT jurisdictions with the most favourable terms for obtaining a crypto currency exchange license for start-ups in the blockchain tech industry.

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Isle of Man

An excellent option for those in the business of issuing, transmitting, transferring, managing, lending, buying, selling, exchanging or trading or intermediating convertible virtual currencies, including crypto-currencies or similar concepts

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Ireland is the perfect gateway to do business and trade Bitcoin in the European Union; Ireland hosts multiple global financial and information technology giants; Corporate taxation in Ireland is low at 12.5%

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New Zealand

If your wish to set up your Crypto exchanges, wallets, deposits, and broking company in New Zealand, you need to simply register with FSPR under “operating a value transfer service’ and “ issuing and managing means of payment”

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Foreign Exchange (Forex)
Securities Dealer License

Securities Dealer

A Securities Dealer License is a broker License that allows a company to trade in securities either as a principal (on its own account) or as an agent (on behalf of its clients).

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Foreign Exchange

Increasingly Popular among Binary Options and FX Brokers Vanuatu Securities Dealers License allows you to buy, sell, trade securities such as shares, bonds, options etc. and manage a portfolio of investments for and on behalf of your clients

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Brokerage Services
Forex Trading License

If you plan to offer Brokerage Services, Forex Trading, Investment Advice and Portfolio Management to clients residing in the European Union, then you should consider establishing a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF)

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Commodity & Currency
Derivatives Licence

Mauritius Commodity & Currency Derivatives Licence allows you to execute orders for clients To manage portfolios of clients and to give advice on securities transactions to clients

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E-Money Providers and PSP’s

Payment Intermediary
Online Payment Services
Provider (PSP)

Mauritius Payment Intermediary Services allows you to offer wallets/accounts to individuals and corporate clients, enable funding wallets by incoming and outgoing payments, offer online banking and transfer options, issue debit cards by co-branding or white label, amongst others

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New Zealand
Financial Services
FSP Registration

Besides No Capital Requirement New Zealand is recognized as a Premium Jurisdiction It provides all the Advantages of all Traditional Financial Centres and It is recognized as a true Onshore Financial Centre Which is not blacklisted by any authority in the world

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Financial Holding &
Private Asset Management

Luxembourg SPF

Purpose of a Family Wealth Management (SPF) - Purchasing, holding, managing, and selling of any kind of financial assets, excluding commercial activities

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Luxembourg SOPARFI

Should you wish to offer your own portfolio and wealth management solutions to your clientele, then it’s time to apply for an Asset Management License (“Société de Participations Financières”) and earn your revenues in various ways

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