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Our Practice Areas
Our Practice Areas
If you are looking get legally
registered as a Cryptocurrency
Trade and Exchange entity, or to
obtain an Authorised Payment or
Electronic Money Institution or
Foreign Exchange license, Atrium
Legal Lab offers its Legal,
Technical and Business Expertise
to help you start your
Fintech Business.

Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trade
Atrium Registration and Licensing Terms
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Estonia is being considered as one of the mildest IT jurisdictions with the most favourable terms for obtaining a crypto currency exchange license for start-ups in the blockchain tech industry.


Ireland is the perfect gateway to do business and trade Bitcoin in the European Union; Ireland hosts multiple global financial and information technology giants; Corporate taxation in Ireland is low at 12.5%.

Cryptocurrency License

Isle of Man

An excellent option for those in the business of issuing, transmitting, transferring, managing, lending, buying, selling, exchanging, trading or intermediating convertible virtual currencies, including crypto-currencies or similar concepts.

New Zealand

If your wish to set up your Crypto exchanges, wallets, deposits, and broking company in New Zealand, you need to simply register with FSPR under “operating a value transfer service’ and “issuing and managing means of payment”.

Foreign Exchange
Securities Dealer License

Money Broker
License (Forex)

Labuan welcome anyone who is interested to set up a 100% foreign owned Cryptocurrency Exchange, ICO, STO, Payment System (e-Wallet), Money broking (FOREX) and Digital Bank which can operate with tax as low as 3% on net audited profit.

Investment Dealer
& Broker License

Mauritius Investment Dealer Broker License allows you to execute orders for clients to manage portfolios of clients and to give advice on securities transactions to clients.

Foreign Exchange

Securities Dealer

A Securities Dealer License is a broker License that allows a company to trade in securities either as a principal (on its own account) or as an agent (on behalf of its clients).

Foreign Exchange

Increasingly Popular among Binary Options and FX Brokers Vanuatu Securities Dealers License allows you to buy, sell, trade securities such as shares, bonds, options etc. and manage a portfolio of investments for and on behalf of your clients.

E-Money Providers

Electronic Money

A license issued in Ireland is recognised in all EU and other EEA (European Economic Area) member states. Through ‘passporting’, this enables the electronic money institution to operate across all EEA countries with a single license.

Institution License (EMI)

Lithuania became a hub for many well-known EMI’s due to transparent and cutting-edge legislation, ease of doing business and its location. Electronic money institutions can join the SEPA payment infrastructure and offer their customers personal accounts with IBAN codes.

Mauritius Online
Payment Services
Provider (PSP)

Mauritius Payment Intermediary Services allows you to offer wallets/accounts to individuals and corporate clients, enable funding wallets by incoming and outgoing payments, offer online banking and transfer options, issue debit cards by co-branding or white label, amongst others.

New Zealand
Financial Services
Provider Registration

Besides no capital requirement New Zealand is recognized as a Premium Jurisdiction. It provides all the advantages of all traditional Financial Centres and it is recognized as a true Onshore Financial Centre which is not blacklisted by any authority in the world.

Payment Services
Provider (PSP License)

Technology is transforming Singapore’s payments landscape; it has lowered the barriers to entry to running a payments business. Singapore is ranked as one of the world’s leading financial centers. It offers world-class options in banking, cryptocurrency and related financial services for corporate clients.

Financial Holdings &
Private Asset Management

Luxembourg SPF
Private Asset

Family Wealth Management (SPF) The SPF is designed as an Investment Company for Purchasing, Holding, Managing and Selling of any kind of Financial Assets (excluding commercial activities).

Wealth Management

Holding & Finance

Luxembourg SOPARFI Holding & Finance Company. Its corporate purpose is limited to the Holding of Participations and related activities. The key benefits of a SOPARFI are the participation exemption on dividends, capital gains and wealth tax.

Investment and Private Funds

Investment Funds
BVI Hedge Funds

Typical BVI Hedge Fund Structure

BVI is one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions for investment funds. An investment fund incorporated in the BVI is not subject to any income, withholding or capital gains taxes in the BVI. No restrictions on investment objectives or trading strategies.

Mutual Investment Funds

Twenty and Fifty Investors Funds PIF 20 - PIF 50

The main benefit of a Panamanian Mutual Investment Funds is that through this vehicle, investors can invest in a wide variety of underlying securities, which is often financially impossible without an Investment Company.

UK Private Fund
Limited Partnership

The UK Collective Investment Scheme

The introduction of the PFLP is a welcome and long overdue development in the UK private funds industry. It brings the UK in line with other preeminent jurisdictions offering LP structures and offers both managers and investors tangible improvements on what was already a well-known and robust regime.


A Whitelabel Banking and Payments Platform

Modern business banking
Fully managed solution!

This new business banking system allows you changing white-label
platform, utilising cutting edge cloud technology in banking and
payments and creating a compliant solution that has the potential to
offer real tangible selling points, in sectors that are often competing
for that extra competitive advantage.


Regulated by FCA
Regulation & Compliance
24/7 Software Monitoring
Live Chat – Telephone Support
Get a packaged and regulated service,
without dealing with licensing and compliance complexity.


Create Instant bank accounts around the world
Quickly and easily open named accounts, and then manage them all via one platform.
No in country presence required.
Hold balances on up to 26 currency accounts.
Payments at scale
Trade 148 currencies and pay into over 160 countries, including access to a wide range of local payment schemes.
Link third-party bank accounts
Receive real-time access to historical and future transactional data, including end of day balances and reports.
Over 2,000 integrations and counting.
Low touch set-up
Your business can be up and running in as little as 4 weeks, without any investment required from your side.


Offer financial capabilities
to compliment your businesses existing service!


Fast digital account opening
Quickly and easily open accounts, and then manage them all via one platform.
No more costly and time-consuming account opening processes.
Named customer bank accounts
Unique currency accounts in your customer's name.
No corporate presence required to collect payments locally.
Transparent funds management
See immediately when a payment has been received, reducing the need to manually check when funds have come in.
Maintain control
Control who can view and access each client's payment data and reduce the risk of human error with our secure platform.
Our Whitelabel partners are supported from project planning
all the way to live customers and beyond.
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